G is the Dial

Experimental Shorts 1

July 1, 2015 · THE PILOT LIGHT · 7:30 p.m.

G is the Dial

By Andrew Lampert
2013 · USA · 6 minutes · Video

Laughter can be heard off-screen as two British women sip beers and struggle to load a 16mm projector. G is the Dial is both a celebration of film projection — we share the pleasure of the women’s accomplishment — and media anthropology. Lampert reminds viewers, in the most direct way possible, just how mechanical analogue projection really is.


El Adios Largos (Andrew Lampert, 2013)

El Adios Largos

By Andrew Lampert
2013 · USA · 13 minutes · 35mm-on-16mm-on-digital

Lampert, a film archivist and performance artist by trade, recently discovered a print of Robert Altman’s long lost masterpiece, The Long Goodbye. The 16mm print was cropped, black-and-white, and dubbed in Spanish, but using the latest digital technology, Lampert has begun the painstaking process of restoring this cinematic gem to its original splendor.


Photooxidation (Pablo Mazzolo, 2013)


By Pablo Mazzolo
2013 · Argentina · 13 minutes · 16mm (will be projected in HD)

Surely the most intense 13 minutes of the program, Photooxidation is a curious study of the sensations and mechanics of sight. It opens with a loud, low-frequency hum and a small burst of round, red light, a primordial image akin to pressing your eyes tightly shut when you first step into daylight. Mazzolo then leads us through a chaotic and increasingly aggressive cityscape before finding a kind of resolution. Simply an unforgettable viewing experience.


Many a Swan (Blake Williams, 2012)

Many a Swan

By Blake Williams
2012 · USA · 6 minutes · Video (anaglyph 3D)

Inspired in part by the “grandmaster of origami,” Akira Yoshizawa, Many a Swan treats images like so many sheets of paper, folding and bending them into new shapes and configurations. Like Williams’s other experiments with anaglyph 3D, Many a Swan is built from footage that he scavenged online.


Baby Blue (Blake Williams, 2013)

Baby Blue

By Blake Williams
2013 · USA · 10 minutes · Video (anaglyph 3D)

In Baby Blue, Williams experiments — in the true sense of the word — with parallax, exploring the 3D effects that result when objects move horizontally through the frame at various speeds and at various depths of field.


Red Capriccio (Blake Williams, 2014)

Red Capriccio

By Blake Williams
2014 · USA · 7 minutes · Video (anaglyph 3D)

Red Capriccio continues Williams’s inquiries into the fundamental components of anaglyph 3D by focusing on blue-red separation. The opening footage of a police car with its lights flashing is the most didactic section, but it’s the enigmatic middle and final sequences that make Red Capriccio such an uncanny and remarkable viewing experience.

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